Buying CBD in a store or Online.

Buying CBD online or in store

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Where to buy CBD?

Not long ago, CBD was a very limited and niche market and could only be ordered through online means from a handful of websites. Nowadays, the market has boomed and there are a plethora of CBD stores both locally and online that carry a variety of CBD products that can fit anyone’s need.

With all of these options you may find yourself wondering where the best place to buy CBD is? Is it from a local store? Should you buy CBD online? Does it even matter? As a matter of fact, it is extremely important where you purchase your CBD from. Let’s explore some options and explain why.

In the last few years, CBD businesses have grown across the nation, and now it is everywhere. We are not just talking about specialty shops. Since the passing of the Farmbill in 2018, CBD sales have been climbing nationwide and have no trends indicating that they will slow any time soon. In some states, major brands and retail stores are branding their own CBD products to test the market for themselves.

Buying CBD in a Store


The first thing to understand when seeking to purchase your CBD in a local retailer is that not all CBD products are created equal. It is important that you understand what makes one product stand apart from another. Asking questions is the best way to know if a CBD store is carrying a quality product.

At Green Time Wellness, we offer both in-store and online purchases for buying CBD products. If you want to buy our products online or visit our store, come check out our Louisiana locations or give us a call at (337) 889-HEMP

  1. Ask if you can see the lab test results.

CBD stores that stand behind the quality of their products will be glad to share the third party test results with you. These results will contain the date, the content of cannabinoids, and also if there is the presence of any contamination within the product. CBD stores with a quality product will be completely transparent with their test results.

  1. Where was the Hemp sourced that was used to make the product?

Even though it is now legal to grow and produce Hemp in the US, not all Hemp that is used for CBD products comes from US Farmers. Hemp is an amazing plant and has an ability that is used to help clean toxins from land it is planted on. This is called Phytoremediation. Hemp has been planted in heavily radioactive areas such as Chernobyl to extract heavy metals, radiation,  and other toxic substances from the soil. (Check out this article in Rolling Stone about it.

Because of this amazing ability that Hemp has, you want to ensure that the Hemp used in your CBD was NOT used for one of the many phytoremediation projects. You want your Hemp to be free of any contamination and grown in healthy soil with the purpose of being consumed. So as a rule of thumb, US-grown hemp is safer than hemp grown abroad. 

If your CBD store cannot tell you where the hemp used in its products was grown, then you should consider looking elsewhere for your CBD products.

  1. What was the extraction method that was used to process the CBD?

There are three primary methods of extracting CBD from the Hemp plant. Those methods are CO2, alcohol, or ethanol.  Each method has its pros and cons.

In the CBD industry, the CO2 method is the one most widely used and preferred.  It offers the least amount of wasteful byproducts and residual solvents that must be disposed of. CO2 extraction, when done correctly, leads to the most potent and purest CBD products on the market.

Ethanol and alcohol are both utilized as an alternative extraction process but tend to be less popular. The reason for this is because when a solvent is used in the extraction process, traces of that solvent can potentially be left behind in the product. This means that an Alcohol or Ethanol extraction process can not provide the purity that the CO2 extraction process can.

  1. What is the product’s CBD concentration?

It is important to know the concentration of CBD within the product you are wanting to purchase.  This allows you to more accurately track and measure your serving size. While you may not know at the beginning what your optimal dose will be. Once you do have that number, you will be able to look at other products and understand how much of that product you will need to take to achieve similar results.

Buying CBD Online


If you do a search to buy CBD on the internet, you may be overwhelmed with the results. However, knowing what to look for can help you select an online retailer and have your order delivered to you in just a few days.

Green Time Wellness offers most of our products available for purchase through our online CBD store.

So now you are wondering, what should you look for when shopping for CBD online?  The things you should look for and what you should ask is the exact same questions you asked when you were considering a product as a brick and mortar CBD retail location.

Let’s review those points real quick.

  1. You will want to see the lab testing results.
  2. You will want to ask where the hemp was sourced from.
  3. You will want to know what extraction process was used to process the CBD.
  4. You will want to know the concentration of the product.

Besides the above questions, you will want to ensure that the company is reputable. Look at the reviews on sites like Google. User reviews can tell you a lot both about the products and the company itself. The reviews do not have to be all positive and you should be able to understand what the overall consensus from people about the business is.

Lastly, you should understand how the products will be shipped. Some companies offer free shipping and will have your products to you in a matter of days. 

The most important aspect of shopping online is to do your research. You will easily be able to tell companies who are there to provide you with a legitimate and quality product, from those who are looking to make a quick buck.

In closing,

Now that you know the questions to ask and what to look for, you should be able to ask the right questions as an educated consumer. 

Whether you decide to purchase your CBD in a store or online, it is important that the CBD product that you buy is one that you can trust. No matter what you decide in the end, be sure to do your research before making your purchase. 

At Green Time Wellness we want to help you have the best experience both in our physical store or making a purchase online.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our CBD products.

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Buying CBD online or in store
CBD News

Buying CBD in a store or Online.

Where to buy CBD? Not long ago, CBD was a very limited and niche market and could only be ordered through online means from a handful of websites. Nowadays, the market has boomed and there are a plethora of CBD stores both locally and online that carry a variety of CBD products that can fit

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