History of CBD in Louisiana

history of cbd in louisiana

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For decades, the status of CBD and Hemp was not clear in America. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill it is now fully legal to sell and also consumes as long as it contains less than 0.3%THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol also is known as THC is compound associated with feeling altered when consuming Marijuana.

However, after the Farm Bill was passed, there was still much that needed to be handled on the state level. Many states had their own laws and definitions around these products which left some states attempting to work through the legal process to decide how the legalization should work on a state level.

CBD is legal in Louisiana

Yes, you heard right! Louisiana has legalized CBD., however, there is still a limitation on some products. On June 1st, 2019, the Senate voted 34-2 for house bill 491, and on June 6th Governor John Bel Edwards signed the legislation into law. Bill 491 legalizes the production of hemp and regulates how a business could sell CBD products in the state of Louisiana.

In July of 2019, there were temporary regulations in place and the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control had already begun processing applications for retailers. Previously there was no legal certainty and businesses did not know what they were and were not allowed to do. With house bill 491, businesses could start to apply for permits and operate while more permanent regulations are drawn up. Final regulations should be just around the corner as they were said to be completed by February 2020.

The state of Louisiana classified hemp and CBD as a controlled substance until the passing of house bill 491. This means that CBD prior to house bill 491 was illegal and possession could lead to trouble with possible fines and jail time. However, that is fortunately no longer the case with CBD in Louisiana and the United States as a whole.

cbd house bill 491

House Bill 491 for CBD Sales

House Bill 491 allows for the sale of CBD products once a qualified business obtains a permit from the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. However, there are some limitations that we mentioned previously. Food, Alcohol, Drinks, or any Smokable Substance which contains CBD is not allowed to be sold and remained banned. Any food products must go through being legalized by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Hope for the Future

With CBD and hemp products being more widely legalized across the nation, we are starting to see medical researchers studying the effects of this compound to better understand the plant’s benefits. This could begin a whole new field of medical research, study, and possibly even new medicines that could help combat various ailments that are currently being treated with more addictive alternatives.

We have already seen this beginning of this with the FDA approving a new CBD based drug that is used to treat severe forms of childhood epilepsy.

Moving Away from CBD Stigma

With the stigma removed and the government supporting legalization, the future is looking bright for CBD. The legalizations of Hemp and CBD federally by the 2018 Farm Bill and then shortly after, the Louisiana House Bill 491. You can now purchase and possess CBD oil in the state of Louisiana.

If you are a Louisiana resident and would like to purchase affordable and high-quality CBD, check out our CBD store where you can purchase our high-quality CBD products online.

CBD in court for Louisiana law

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